People are more than they appear. We uncover the “lens” through which they view the world - illuminating new ways forward that were previously unseen.


We ensure in-market success by journeying with you from research to results. We provide actionable insights that inspire and align the team to a clear direction.

Attune's multidisciplinary approach brings unparalleled clarity to our clients. Our team of social scientists, marketing strategists and design thinkers show that effective messaging is grounded in consumer truth.

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Within companies, alignment on strategic decisions can be challenging and chaotic.

You may be looking for a clear direction - how can your team move forward and stand out?

At Attune, we provide a clear path and deliver engaging, multi sensory materials to inspire your team to effective action.



MINDCAM - one-on-one  interactive deep dive to watch subconscious feelings unfold in real time. Best for: unmet needs, differentiated positioning and customized semiotics (communication).

MINDCAM PROTOTYPING - co-creation of non realistic prototypes in real time. Best for: unmet needs and customized semiotics (package/product design).

PURE ETHNO - true ethnography with observation of subconscious behaviors. Best for: subconscious behaviors, lifestyle symbols and extreme/aspirational users.


RICH NARRATIVES - compelling emotional stories rich with metaphors that instantly resonate with consumers. Best for: communication strategy, creative inspiration and differentiated positioning.

AHA ACTION POINTS - the key problem to solve and solutions  laid out simply and clearly. "Surprisingly obvious” AHAs that change the way we think about the category, product or brand. Best for: presentation of key learnings to outside stakeholders.

SEMIOTIC TOOLKIT - customized sensory cues and metaphors to effectively engage our target and follow through on the action plan. Best for: communication, packaging, product and in-store design.



CREATIVE OPTIMIZATION a design thinking approach (similar to the process of product design) applied to creative development. An empowering process that aligns internal teams with creative agencies, unleashing powerful communication. Best for: alignment across stakeholders, identifying communication principles and optimizing routes.

SHOPPER MINDCAM - a shop-a-long plus reconstruction of store memories reveals subconscious beliefs about in-store environment. Best for: optimizing in-store design, shelf positioning and role of packaging on shelf.


INNOVISION WORKSHOP - a best in class concept development workshop featuring real time feedback from consumer panels, as well as scientifically proven brainstorming and innovation techniques. Best for: alignment across stakeholders, showcasing research techniques and developing blockbuster concepts (product/ brand/service), ready for testing.

LIVE INSIGHTS VIDEO - short and memorable videos capture key findings in a storytelling format. The compelling vignettes inspire stakeholders and agencies to effective action. Best for: insight activation and inspiring internal and external buy-in.